Tunnel through an Australian mountain? No problem, says Elon Musk

By Robyn Beck

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This guy is the modern day equivalent of a snake oil peddler, reminding me of the character in the Simpsons who sold Springfield a monorail.

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So this is his 'idea of the week'.

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Maybe if Tesla was profitable I would be interested....

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factchecker - out of interest what are some of the snake-oil things he has peddled?

I believe his Big Battery to Aust has been successful, his Tesla cars are heading in the right direction, Space X is doing what no other space agency has done, his Boring Co appears to be doing well and his Hyperloop train is possibly the way all such transport will go.

You may not like him or his style - but then Steve Jobs was no charmer by all accounts, but he certainly did achieve.

Need more visionaries whao are not afraid to step up to the mark.

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It will end up costing way more. You heard it here first.

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When the Aussie lawmaker turns him down or his numbers are called into question he will start with insults and other weird behavior .

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He is a genius. His Tesla is hugely popular, and very ecofriendly. I would invite him to address our main problems, such as clean energy, converting salt water to fresh water, and overpopulation.

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Thats all our politicians do in this country. ...Talk.

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Elon Musks interview with Joe Rogan is one of the most epic interviews I have seen in a while:

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Announced today that Tesla is laying off more people. Yep, start another smokescreen...

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Elton Musk has the "can do" attitude that many lack. Good luck for him.

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...and for Elon?

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