Twitter adding mute button for unwanted posts


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This is obviously long overdue, no doubt Twitter wants to save it's image a little. Twitter is as guilty and more as some of those who should be muted. Last month Twitter suspended (actually banned) me for doing anti racist work from their website, since then they seem to have been compelled to send me a barrage of ultra right wing racist groups to "follow". Despite the fact I was engaged in anti racist work I had not received this kind of material, some of the groups they proposed for me espouse violence and murder. My work is exposing Facebook's support for the Boeremag terrorists who were jailed in December for trying to bomb Nelson Mandela, ignite a race war, drive all Africans and "non Whites" out of the country, then set up a Whites only state. That they should now be putting in a mute button reeks of hypocrisy as some of the most rabid hateful groups on the face of the earth operate from their pages.

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Why not just stop following people who you don't want to listen to?

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@jonobugs my thoughts exactly. Why follow them in the first place.

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Twitter should add a mute button for their entire service!!!

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