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Twitter adopts 'poison pill' defense in Musk takeover bid


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Sounds like a desperate move.

Musk is using the "Free Speech" argument as a ruse, what he really wants is to BAN that kid on Twitter who is tracking his private jet's flight patterns.

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Musk is using the "Free Speech" argument as a ruse, what he really wants is to BAN that kid on Twitter who is tracking his private jet's flight patterns.

One wonders how, if Mr. Musk were to succeed in buying them, Twitter would respond to posts that are critical of Musk, his several businesses and their products. Would there really be free speech? I have my doubts.

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....and then retrospectively holding them [to] account for that.

There is no law that someone needs to be cancelled for saying something now deemed offensive by some, when they were young. You can ignore the activists and just give people the benefit of the doubt. Judging when to listen to an activist and when to ignore them is an importance life skill.

Musk's free speech imperative is interesting. He must have missed the alteration to the first amendment whereby free speech is replaced by terms and conditions online. He could only dodge becoming a censor himself, ordered by government to block this and that, if he rejigged Twitter as a distributed app. Now that would be interesting.

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Twitter said Friday that its board of directors has unanimously adopted a “poison pill” defense in response to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s proposal to buy the company and take it private.

In the end, having Musk owning Twitter and taking it private, and even unbanning Donald Trump, will not have much of an impact on the trajectory of American society and economy.

Musk is using the "Free Speech" argument as a ruse, what he really wants is to BAN that kid on Twitter who is tracking his private jet's flight patterns.

Right on. We could see how far that commitment to free speech goes.

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It's much ado about nothing - this isn't the first time Musk has said he's gonna do something but isn't really gonna do it (some of those he even got in trouble with the SEC since involving billion$$ of other people's stock monies - like when he said he's gonna take Tesla private......... on Twitter even!)

First of all, it's doubtful how he can even raise $43 billion in cash that he said. Second, he's not Twitter's largest shareholder, so Vanguard Capital would have a lot to say about that. Third, that $43 billion is still lower than what Twitter was worth just a year ago - many investors assess that's still a low price for Twitter. And last but not least, people have to remember Musk is a meme-lord and a troll - he does things just to get a rise out of people! So don't take whatever he says at face value, lol

(Also, 2chan and 4chan are very free speech websites - I'm sure ya guys know what happens with humans)

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It’s odd that many who railed against Twitter are now admitting they use it and supporting Musk. The barren echo chambers of the conservative alternatives must have gotten boring.

The last guy isn’t coming back, he even said so himself, if his word means anything to you.

If you want “free speech” you’ve got Frank and Parler. Truth Social is still in the App Store though it has fallen a lot in the rankings, it’s a few spots behind Grindr now actually, so you might find more company there.

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Shocking only for the fact that Shareholders could probably sue Twitter for not taking the deal because they have the fiduciary obligation to act in the best, financial interest of the shareholder. His offer was at about 20% more than the current value.

Courts should side with Musk as it is a more than a lucrative order and the action by the board is not in the best interests of shareholders. Purely and obviously political move. Should be interesting to hear what some shareholders say about this.

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Twitter? Haven't used it except for surveillance (with hundreds of accounts) since 2010.

I literally can't get there from here:

$ ping twitter.com

PING twitter.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.

64 bytes from localhost ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.040 ms

Same applies to all the other nasty social networks ... which is all of them. My friends and I communicate using gpg encrypted email.

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That cesspool would rather go bankrupt and shut down than simply let people have free speech. Think about that for a minute.

imagine all the documents that exist that Elon woukd have access to that likely show criminal activity.

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