Twitter allows some users to flag 'misleading' content


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The irony of a "news" organization (AFP) promoting censorship. What an upside-down world.

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bet no one is allowed to flag the Taliban spokesman account, nor any prominent Democrat politicians.

that’s not a bug it’s a “feature”.

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So glad i never got onto this toxic app

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“Some users”

Apparently there are a lot of Russian trolls on Twitter, spreading fake information.

As fair minded citizens of a democracy I dont think you would find anything wrong in kicking out these Russian trolls.

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The irony of a "news" organization (AFP) promoting censorship.

I think AFP are just reporting what Twitter is saying. That seems like a normal news reporting function. But I guess it raises questions. If someone says, "The vaccine contains microchips.", does it get flagged as misinformation? If another person says, "My mum says the vaccine contains microchips.", do we allow it as it is simply reporting what someone said?

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What a click fest this is going to be. All kinds of people sharing all kinds of info from all kinds of angles on all kinds of topics will naturally results in a variety of info getting shared. And what's wrong with that?....Unless you're afraid of the sharing of information for some reason, or don't think your users have the intelligence to make their own mind up about what's true or false.

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And what's wrong with that?

I guess it might be considered wrong if the information is incorrect and it leads to harm. A crazy example - someone tweets that putting arsenic in coffee is good for your health. You or I may not believe this, but what if my neighbor down the road isn't so sharp, and then serves some coffee to guests, telling them he made it in a different way from something he read on the internet. Who should be held liable?

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More encouragement of the "rat on your neighbour" mentality. Gives the curtain twitchers more to do and complain about.

Such a pitiful way of living your life.

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Small businesses/restaurants should ban all Twitter users from their property.

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Im hoping India gets rid of Twitter. Its looking increasingly possible. It must start a long term trend and every country that has it would be better off without it.

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Let me interpret this for you. Liberals can call out and identify anything that Trump supporters, Patriots or Conservatives identify as facts and flag them because they don't support the Liberal narrative! However, non-liberals won't be given this Liberal Privilege!!!

Some people might therefore interpret Jack Dorsey as a dictator!

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On Twitter, 20% of the users are responsible for 80% of the tweets. This is likely to result in even more users losing interest. Eventually, Twitter will be left with just the 20% who use it regularly (although they will delude advertisers with the number of open accounts still existing.)

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