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Twitter apologizes for suspending accounts critical of China


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I wouldn't believe anything Twitter management say. They are no better than the scumbags who run Facebook.

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Twitter doesn't operate in China. So why this? Are Google and Facebook going to follow too?

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This is an interesting convergence of China's Social Credit System and America's Social Media System...

Seems to me the Chinese version is winning.

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We may never know the truth.

If may be just a bad account cleanup job that did it.

It may be an overzealous attempt to show China that Twitter can comply with local laws, so they aren't blocked throughout China. Without access, they can't access 1B+ more people.

It may be a Chinese operative with internal Twitter account controls.

I'm inclined to think it was just a bad script. I've written bad scripts and wiped out hundreds of accounts on my little systems. Once wrote a script that ended up deleting the entire OS. It was an accident. Scripting is automation. At the size of twitter, automation is really the only way to manage accounts and look for fake accounts.

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Seems a bit odd.. so many coincidences... and given the "hacking" spates of past, one has to think that Twitter has an open door to Chinese Government Hackers.

Next we'll probably see that Donald Trumps account isn't actually his, but that owned by the Chinese State Hacking institution based in Shanghai... that claim would not surprise me one bit.

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Twitter's algorithm just identified those account as platform manipulation, spam and inauthentic. LMAO, that's true.

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Both China and Twitter are trash.

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With demands from both the US and China, to review your own personal "Social Media" exposures, one has to think that this may impact Social Media Companies... When applying to Join a Company which requires that you travel to the US or China, and may hinge upon your Social Media commentary, may make some people drop their Social media accounts and simply not declare them. So in that case. how will China and the US find out what you've said in the past ?

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