Twitter bans sharing of photos without consent


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These recent changes could be devastating to popular mainstream media like SoraNews24 that have become so dependent upon Twitter as a primary source of “news” & “opinions”.

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ban twitter - it’s just another platform for narcissists

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Parag Agrawal is known to be anti free speech.

The key quote is the following:

The company noted a "disproportionate effect on women, activists, dissidents, and members of minority communities."

This is how Twitter justifies discriminating against some speech in favor of other speech that the service itself supports. Twitter has merely become a propaganda outlet for the Left.

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ban twitter - it’s just another platform for narcissists

Time to create a platform where FREE speech is not threatened by anyone where you can say what you want without fear of reprisals.

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Thought Trump was already doing that, twice I think?

Yes, more to come, and more people should throw their hats in the race, and create various versions of social media platforms.

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Not a fan of Twitter, but also not a fan of posting videos of mentally ill people having a breakdown so others on Twitter can laugh at them, say they are horrible, and call them "karens." It's very much like small village bullying, but on a global scale.

It's one thing to call out a public figure, especially a politician, but most of these "horrible" people are just ordinary and formerly obscure citizens who are clearly having mental health issues. I don't see the point.

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