Twitter breach exposed anonymous account owners


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So what. Ultimately you can be identified easily through other means, even here on JT.

Those with serious Malicious intent, will of course, have used an untraceable VPN, so nothing to worry about for them.

As for Musk's purchase proposal for Twitter - I personally think he made a poor choice, one which if these law suites continue, will create havoc amongst his other ventures and place them at risk.

So, regardless of his super IQ of 160.... he should really should have looked at the business model for advertising revenue - Twitter in some cases is being used as a Service by Companies to "communicate" to Clients, in which case.... it needs to be free, in other cases, it's competing with the likes of Reddit/Getter, TikTok, etc... And they can charge for it, or provide a platform for News Services to be subscribed to, but then in both scenario's they'd then loose members rapidly, since the current platform isn't great for finding stuff, and in a Global Recession - people aren't going to shelve out money needlessly.... which is ultimately, I think, the underlying reason for his wish to pull out from this deal. If you want news, then Google News is ultimately your platform, but you also have to pay for certain sources, so that too is going to be suffering...

His Bots excuse, may seem weak - though Twitter does have a lot of corporate bots associated with it, when handling queries before passing onto a real person. The question is, how many ? And were these numbers embedded into the total number of subscribers...

Musk may win, but, he may also loose a minimum of 1 Billion US$ for pulling out of the transaction. An Interesting situation to follow.

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Musk may win, but, he may also loose a minimum of 1 Billion US$ for pulling out of the transaction. An Interesting situation to follow.

Plus as a shareholder the value of his TWTR stocks is also going to tank. This deal has been laced with poison pills on top of pills.

Also as a person with a position in TWTR, I think I'm going to loose unless Musk completes the deal and revive the company. It's not looking good for TWTR shareholders if the deal doesn't complete.

Agrawal backstabbed the founder of Twitter (Dorsey) and ousted him last November, I have no illusion whatsoever what Agrawal is capable of. Musk and TWTR shareholders are being held hostage here.

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Not a problem.

Don’t use it.


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