Twitter CEO celebrates dramatic growth in Japan


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I'm surprised anyone actually cheered instead to just tweeting it...

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i perfer facebook!

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I have read some interesting 2 cents by sociologists and shrinks on this thing.... The Japanese would be kings of this as they are completely disconnected from each other. They wouldnt think twice about stepping over your dead body on a sidewalk while tweeting on a cell phone... Being a twitter addict is depressing. 8 million tweets a day and only important to the one writing it. Odd for a society that gives f all about each other. Nothing beats casual conversation, a beer and a business card. 8 million tweets a day will not save your country and produce real economic business.... Dear Internet, I just saw a pretty girl and dont have the balls to speak to her.. tweet tweet. no one cares... tweet.

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Twitter and FB aren't really the same thing. Facebook is a way to keep in touch with people you actually know, Twitter is about connecting with people that you've never met.


I actually know a good number of my Twitter contacts. I met them and we began interacting via Twitter. Likewise, I've come to meet people I follow on Twitter, face to face and have beer and exchange card. I have social skills and enjoy the company of others--some people who use Twitter do not, and that has little to do with Twitter in and of itself.

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@my2sense Personally I don't find being a 'twitter addict' at all depressing. Twitter is just a tool, and can be used in many ways - it doesn't have to just be telling people you're brushing your teeth ナウ.

The Twitter community in Tokyo is incredibly vibrant, with the service providing a space for all to share ideas, information, initiate and subsequntly develop a wide variety of projects, develop strong friendships and learn more about what's going on around the city.

The real beauty however is how twitter friendships carry over I to real life. Whilst I was not exactly Joseph-no-mates before I started using the service, when I did make the decision to expand my network twitter enabled me to do this much faster than previously possible. By first connecting and developing friendships online, when I finally met these people in real life it meant that there was already an element of trust - it was quite a surreal experience.

Thanks to Twitter I have found paid work, been able to participate in a lot of great events and projects that I never would have heard about otherwise, and made a lot of friends who contribute enormously to my feeling of being at home in Tokyo. I'm very fond of many of them and am always happy to help them out where I can - as they help me.

I think as a non-twitter user (or a passive user just reading other's tweets) the whole thing can seem like a waste of time - and a lot of the time it can be just that - but spend some time building up your connections and contributing to the community, and it can change into something that's potentially life-changing. As with any if these things - it's not about the technology, it's about the people, and you make of it whatever you choose.

I tweet @tamegoeswild.


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“We’ve come a long way in two years especially in Japan,” he told a cheering crowd at a Tokyo hall.

Eat it up Mr. Williams, because I seriously doubt than many people here will still be "tweeting" in another 2 years. Typical Japanese fad-love.

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Tweet Tweet Tweet. So sad. Japan has become a world that only tweets. Other than trying to create good and long lasting friendship with real people, Japanese rather than tweet their lives away. So sad.

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So if I tweet, I can't make friends at the same time? WTF?

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