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Twitter co-founder says company prizes independence


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“But our goal is to have a positive impact on the world, build a wonderful business on top of that and have a blast doing it. That’s always been our goal. That’s what we want to do.”

Stone may be afraid of being controlled by Google's empire, not only Twitter feels so.

“I think Google did a really good job when they acquired YouTube because they allowed it to remain independent and they allowed that management structure and a lot of those things to stay in place that made YouTube great,”

Microsoft, Yahoo and other internet-based companies have sped up their business services to meet the global population of mobile and social-networking citizens. Business firms will pay more to the new empire like Google from ad tools to Android OS.

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I do not understand why twitter is important.

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I don't use Twitter but I hope Twitter stays independent. It keeps the mix of web based information more fresh and dynamic.

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Twitter is important because it's yet another, easier way to connect people who otherwise would have absolutely nothing to do with each other, and share information (whether that information is relevant or not is left to be seen). It has exploded so much, one cannot deny the impact it has had.

I hope they stay independent too, but I find when companies say that, they are about 2 years (or 2 months) away from being swallowed by corporate big shots.

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If Google, MS and so on turned up with a pile of cash that would make the owners billionaires in an instant, who wouldn't? I would...

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cactusjack, "fresh" and "dynamic" are certainly not the first two words that enter my head when I think of twitter.

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