Twitter hack: Made in Japan?


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What is a twitter?

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...triggered by a Japanese computer hacker who says he was only trying to help.

Props to "Kinugawa” for his good intentions. LOL.

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Correction: The company said the attack began when a user, whom it did not identify, noticed a security hole and repeatedly notified Twitter. Weeks after being ignored he demonstrated the flaw on Twitter itself, which finally forced a fix.

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The rest of the world’s media seem to believe that the hacker is a teenage Australian. The fact that he might also be a manga freak using a Japanese name really shouldn’t be that surprising.

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Earlier this year, he pointed out several scripting problems to Japanese Internet company Livedoor, which thanked him with a 15,000 yen ($177) gift certificate.

That's it?

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The White House’s official Twitter feed—followed by 1.8 million users—was among those affected, though the offending message was quickly taken down

The WH Twitter account was taken down?

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It's not like he organized everyone to start using the script maliciously, right? I don't know, this whole thing confuses me. Either way, the fact that Twitter overlooked the problem sounds like they got a little too big for the their britches and thought it wasn't worth looking into.

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It happened to me but the tweets that my account sent, without my consent, were in Russian.

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He wasn't a hacker, twitter was just bad at programming and overlooked such a simple filter.

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