Twitter hacked by old technique - again


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Cloud computing is a trend that's coming to the mainstream business world, and nothing will stop it.

Getting the average person to use a more complex password isn't going to happen. Heck, a lot of workers still don't use any password at all. "White hat" hackers will come up with solutions to the illegitimate efforts of the "black hat" players. Back and forth, they will battle.

We're just going to pay a lot more for security software in the future, as we all move toward putting everything online.

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dmag, good point.

But did you know what wopuld solve this problem ;D? i do.. no more computers = problem solved

lol yes im crazy xD and im half joking here ;P

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Half joking means you are half serious.

Without computers, we would have to resort to going to real porn stores to get porn! Unthinkable.

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Lol yeh i think my brother would kill me if i enfluenced something like that lol.

But yep i was half serious ;P

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biometric security is surely the answer

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he might have meant effluenced...

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