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Twitter outages hit thousands of users worldwide


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Twitter was down? Never heard a peep!

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It was down for 1000s of people among its many millions of users. Not a newsworthy event at all in itself, but the corporate/state media are trying to create a narrative that Musk is failing with Twitter. So every little thing will be blown up and publicized to punish the billionaire who hasn't fallen into line and dares to contradict the party line.

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Musk fired all the dead wood from Twitter and its now running better than ever. What's more he immediately put the boots to the Twitter sanctioned child sex trafficking which I think is amazing.

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gotta bring back the “Twitter is dying! It wont exist by tomorrow morning!” nonsense.

most users barely noticed.

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oh. So I guess that means everyone who claimed Twitter would be out of operation within that next 24 hours was wrong?!

nah of course not! It’s time for the “nobody ever said that…..” narratives to start.

“thousands of users” for a “few hours” gets worldwide press. Twitter must be super important and critical to daily life that people care so much.

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Fortunately you do not need to use Twitter to track EM's private jet.

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Or perhaps just a small percentage of the bots were identified?

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The chief twat, sorry Twit, has destroyed this company. Good riddance. A nest of slanderers and gossips hiding behind the pretence of free speech.

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When Facebook down 100 times... no news .. When google down .. no news .. And when twitter were down many times before Musk take over then left media never reported...... Now it is a big world news for left media.. with lots of masala as " all the engineers quit" "billons left twitter accounts " Musk said this ..that ... ..... An invitation to leave the twitter.... by left media... a fake propaganda ... cheap politics and very cheap journalism ?? Well it is not journalism it is called money driven propaganda machine ...

watch more to come from left mask media ... to keep intoxicate the brain washed followers ...

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