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Twitter overtakes Facebook among U.S. teens


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Teenagers will go to the fastest media to communicate that they have a broken fingernail. It's "all about me" now in their world. The story ends when "someone is left holding the bag (stock) and it won't be the teenagers who have moved on to the next communication group.

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I find messaging much easier and more versatile.

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Twitter sucks! It's for twits like teenagers who still can't properly express their own original ideas, me thinks.

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Twitter is very popular for one reason: it was designed with cellphone users in mind, and started to become very popular just as the first iPhone model was released in summer 2007. Today, probably the vast majority of Twitter traffic originates on cellphones.

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Nah, you can use Facebook on your phone... and were talking about now, not 2007.

Twitter is popular because you can interact with celebs. Imagine some teenybopper getting retweeted by Beiber or one of the girls from One Direction... must be like the holy grail.

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