Shareholders await Musk's next move in Twitter takeover bid


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Twitter is toxic, I hope Elon and company gets rid of it in it's current form.

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A Saudi prince who is among Twitter’s major shareholders scoffed at Musk’s offer last week in a tweet. Al Waleed bin Talal said he would reject the overtures because he didn’t believe $43 billion “comes close to the intrinsic value of Twitter, given its growth prospects.”

I would support Musk's Twitter bid just because it displeases the Saudis..

With their capital and medieval monarchy, and basic medievalism their influence should be excised from society.

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Twitter is toxic, I hope Elon and company gets rid of it in it's current form.

I agree. Gut it and restructure it.

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Big, big mistake to underestimate Musk!

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He's just messing with them.

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Whatever Musk does, feels to me like Twitter is anyway about to get its comeuppance thru a change of regime.

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He also used an exclamation point to express surprise that one board member, Robert Zoellick, a former World Bank president, doesn’t appear to have ever posted anything from his profile on the social media site.

There are a lot of world financial oligarchs collecting dividends and salaries on corporate boards worldwide.

Money for nothing.

Sometimes Musk makes a point like this or pro-UBI statement but he is quite coy about it.


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If Musk intends to liberalize speech on Twitter....then God bless him even if his motives aren't all pure. (I'm guessing that he senses a business opportunity by reopening the doors to conservative people.)

Dorsey and Co really embarrassed themselves and lost a lot of people over thier obvious wokeness and unfair censorship.

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Musk is also being sued by Tesla shareholders

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