Twitter service stumbles as paying users get more room


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People actually pay for this nonsense? To be able to spout more lengthy nonsense?

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Twitter is the most important social media app in Japan.

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People actually pay for this nonsense? To be able to spout more lengthy nonsense?

Twitter gets a bit of a bad rap. I wouldn’t dream of paying for it but this is quality:

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Many people have already stopped using Twitter. Don't need it after Musk destroyed it.

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Twitter engineers who left the tech firm after it was taken over by Elon Musk had worried about about how the platform would be kept stable

The worries seem grounded as the tech issues at Twitter have multiplied.

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Can confirm that we paying customers have experienced a few glitches in the last 24hrs but overall my 422 followers seem very pleased with the new 4000 character format. They can see my posts in a more natural way instead of the slightly awkward threads where my thoughts and point is sometimes muddled.

Twitter gets a bit of a bad rap

@Jimizoo no doubt about it. As another poster mentioned, its by far the most important social media tool out there by a landslide.

Change my mind.

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quote: A daily limit of 2,400 tweets per day was put in place at Twitter.

Let's hope no government was tweeting a war/disaster warning and was 2,401st in the queue.

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