Twitter tackles COVID-19 vaccine misinformation with labels, strike policy

By Paul Sandle

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George Orwell correctly foresaw the Ministry of Truth in 1984, an arm of government which ensures only the official viewpoint is disseminated,...he just didn't know that it would be called Twitter.

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And we used to be satisfied with a copy of Guinness Book at the pub for fact checking!

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these social media sites are just trying to control the minds of people..doesn't work with me..not for one second.

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People wonder why this is the only social media I use...

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anyone with an ounce of common sense should be abandoning the controlled information platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google.

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I always completely trust billionaire-oligarch controlled media to tell me the truth.

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Yes, those guys are really funny and somewhat pioneers of the automated cancel culture. After some years of inactivity I played around a bit on Twitter for only a few days and they just barred me for 12 hours from now... Land of the free? That must have been very long

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Land of the free?

When has Twitter ever been called the land of the free?

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