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Twitter to scrap controversial suggested user list


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Such a useless silly website. Just as pointless as MySpace and Facebook. I've never seen so much viral advertising by EVERYONE for a website in my life however. I wonder how much they spent on getting all the news media and talk shows to mention the "Twitter" word over the last year.

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Well, for those of us living abroad, MySpace and Facebook are a great way to stay in touch with people back home and let them know about your life. Twitter is a bit more corporate and actually promotes itself as a space to advertise one`s business, music, etc. So I say lets keep bashing Twitter and be thankful for Facebook/Myspace. Curious to hear what other JT readers think about this.

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I'm not a big Twitter user, but have found it very useful as an information source. By following others in my field located all around the world I can quickly gain access to resources and information that would otherwise take me a very long time to find on my own. It is also good for building professional relationships. Far from useless and silly for me.

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I do not use any of them. Skype is good enough for me.

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I agree it is a great way to keep in touch with people when living overseas, but I am not surprised we are in a global recession, given that all my friends seem to have stopped work and are intent on spending their days finding out what 80`s movie is their life/which Disney princess they are/sending me virtual drinks/testing their geographical knowledge etc etc...

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societymike> I bet you are over 50.

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Once they start using "tweets" in courts of law as evidence in some high profile cases, everyone will run for cover.

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What will be the next big flop?

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People want to be excited and feel that they are part of a revolution... something new and big. Twitter! The next big thing on the internet!

But if you just sit back and think a little, the bubble bursts. There have been countless... absolutely hundreds... of new ideas that are born and spread, which then fade to nothing. Candy.

So proudathiest tells societymike that he is so old. Maybe societymike chuckles because he has seen it all before... over and over. I get the joke.

I like living in the world of today, but Twitter is not the service that will change the world. Isn't this basically chat kind of mixed with .cc and .bcc and maybe Yahoo Groups? What is new here? What is not 15 years old? Oh yes, the character limit and the Fisher Price interface. They should call this TWITCHER. Eventually, people will have so little to say that 140 char will seem like an essay. Already, people believe that 140 char messages can sway an election. And they do? Larry Johnson of the KC Chiefs got fired for a twitter. What? A whole career ruined in 140 char? That is progress? Apparently, but it is all labels and intervals and no content. If the medium is the message, then are we headed back to morse code?

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Societymike isn't doomed to running on the gerbil wheel of new gimmicks. Everyone else is.

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