Twitter woes deepen as user base fails to grow


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Does anyone use twitter for anything useful?

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Yes. Twitter is best used as a bickering tool.

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Twits use Twitter.

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It only for Journos politicians and wanabe stars. No loss.

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Every boom has its bust.

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In 140 characters (or less), explain to the world why you’re twittering something that you feel others who follow you should give a rat's as... limit reached

Actually, JT should incorporate that limit into the comments. XD

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Has never made a profit.

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It's just another means of communication. If ya don't want to use it, then don't use it. No one's forcing anybody.

Just like email and this forum are just another means of communication. If ya don't want to use forums to communicate with other people, then don't go into forums.

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You're unhappy with 320 million?!

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Twitter has jumped the shark. Am I the first to say this?

During the SuperBowl, I was treated to live coverage of Donald Trump's tweets about the game. A journalist of a major US news service made that choice for me. Such is the world of 2016.

Twitter has raised the information level of human civilization a little, but the noise it has added is unbearable. Just the fact that a large number of people would miss it if it were gone makes me shudder. How could anybody have that much time for that much noise?


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When twitter stops policing what people say and realize that people being butthurt about a comment doesn't make it "hate speech," perhaps more people will join the platform.

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I sometimes tweet my blogs or retweet stuff, but I hardly go there to read anything. I visit to check on an author or business maybe once a month. I'm kinda tired of that supershort format. I never much liked it.

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Oh, and the lynch mobs on Twitter are scary. I know folks who stopped going because of that nasty habit there.

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