U.S. tech firms lead list of best multinational workplaces


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In japan it often seems as though employee satisfaction is nowhere on the list of things necessary for a company to be prosperous.

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Tech companies? Where's Apple?

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lostrune2Oct. 30, 2011 - 06:42PM JST Tech companies? Where's Apple?

lol. It's not even in the top 100. (i googled the list, it's on Fortunes website) Apple isn't very "multinational" in reality. All of it is based in California and all of their products are made in China. They just do a good job at making their customers THINK they are multinational.

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Apple-all their parts are made in China.

Most laptops, including those of Apple, contain parts from Taiwan. Apple computers contain parts from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan. Apple are employing people across the globe and in many countries?

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About Mike Daisey: - - -"a trip he took to China - - -the heavily guarded massive factories where- - -manufacturers' products are made. He meets underage workers, some as young as 12- - -14-hour and even 34-hour shifts and their dormitory "cubes" stocked sardine-can style- - -. He shows his iPhone to workers with crippled hands, and describes an "epidemic of suicides" that prompted- - -". (Reuters)

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Tachibana Takashi thinks "Ashimo" stupid and absurd and warned of Japan being a robotic (the none-human-look-alike) backwater if the government does not do something. If people listened to him then (10 years ago?), Japan could have been automatically churning out most of the parts for those manufacturers and must have saved those 12-year-olds from such atrocious exploitation. (Many US firms are moving out of China because of such robots).

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So since Apple is a multinational company, where's Apple then?

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