U.S. wants to make cars talk to each other


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That should make it easier for "drivers" to talk, text, read, eat, shave, put on make-up and yell at the kids standing in the back.

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Excited about this. Decentralized, swarm intelligence on the road.

Black hat hackers' paradise.

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I saw a promo on this a few months ago and one of the features was automatic braking for a car about to crash. The info is transmitted to the offending car through the traffic control light system. I don't see a conspiracy behind every shrub, but I thought, geeze what a great way for the government to bring traffic to a dead stop at the flick of a switch. I would opt for a manual override system to ensure I had complete control of my property and mobility, just in case.

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Excited about this. Decentralized, swarm intelligence on the road.

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This is all nice and all, but there's still the matter of all the older vehicles not utilising this technology will still allow people to get into crashes, or people who just ignore the warning alerts...

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Mine in USA would say, "Left lane for passing!".

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