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U.S., Japan, 8 other countries adopt 6G development principles


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I currently using 2g ,since I use my high speed data,I can connect as many devices and still have a decent experience online,you can use 1 g at Japan today ,it not heavy traffic requires that much bandwidth

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it’s not your traffic, it’s for all of the bandwidth necessary to track every person in real time, including your travel, every financial transaction, everything you buy, every text and phone call and who are they talking and texting to.

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Will this freak out the 5G conspiracy people 20% more than 5G?

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"As for 2G, AT&T discontinued service on that network in 2017, while Verizon shuttered its 2G network around 2020. T-Mobile said earlier this year it would turn off its 2G GSM network on April 2, 2024."

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