UK to strengthen internet laws to fight Russian disinformation


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Disinformation, eh?

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this is how "democracy" looks like...

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Stick and stones,may break your bones,words, should never hurt you

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Stick and stones, may break your bones, words should never hurt you

They can influence morons and the mentally unbalanced though though. Russian disinformation, stolen elections etc.

The Johnson government talking about disinformation is a bit strange.

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Full coverage of the clueless Truss spreading disinformation:

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Ukrainain politically be coming unglued Google Melnyk

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The biggest problem is that disinformation is coming in thick and fast from every angle, whether its governments that are ostensibly on "our" side, the bad guy governments, media, and extremists from the left and right.

The truth must feel like a puck in an ice hockey match.

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This type of legislation, open to all types of interpretation, on the back of a so called Cossack social media deluge of disinformation, has the ring of an open attack on rights against undue government intrusion.

Don't allow any Government to fearmonger your rights away.

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The biggest problem is disinformation is coming in thick and fast

The much bigger problem is pathologies - conspiracy theorists, partisans etc. You may as well ask your cat’s opinion.

Nobody is free from biases but there are some people whose reactions are ridiculously predictable. The spammers ( many of them are spammers themselves ) can target these people very easily.

These bill has no rule of law in the US


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Russian disinformation? Sure, plenty of that. But nothing compared to the nonsense coming out of Kiev and parroted as gospel on almost every western news outlet.

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These bill has no rule of law in the US

same as Americas first amendment rights means nothing to the UK or EU,

American companies want to operate and sell their products in the UK EU then they;ll abide by their disinformation laws, as Twitter is finding out

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It people want to be ignorant,have at it,their are social sanction to reel them in

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Another thin end of the wedge. This constant whining about mis (or dis) information and the desire to try and prevent it being published is both tiresome and very dangerous.

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When the bills are linked together, National Security Bill and Online Safety Bill, plus amendments, the purpose of these bills could have overreach way beyond the threat of Russian misinformation but morph into a toxic snoopers charter. A gross invasion of privacy

A  Surveillance Tool charter open to questions about personal data protection, the means for Governments to deploy honeypot. (distributed deception platforms). beyond the bulk collection of phone and or e mail records.

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How do you fight disinformation when your own media are full blown propaganda?

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Russian aggressive rhetorics and lies must be stopped.

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I don't trust anything Putin or Johnson say. The UK government's legislation is intended to 'take back control' of the net in the UK and ensure that only their own propaganda is heard.

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The pot calling the kettle black.

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Wow stove calling the kettle black.

I rarely ever see a single report or information coming From the Russian side to find that you have to really look and try as most has been blocked for months.

But eventually nearly everything we are told by our western governments and media sooner or later turns out to be false or a major exaggeration and we only find out once they can no longer ignore the facts.

We hear about how Ukraine is pushing the Russians back even videos claiming to show Ukraine reestablishing the border post except within 2 days Russia is pounding a city far from that border and is in control of the area because they were never pushed back it was a propaganda stunt but we ignored that fact.

Western Media: "Azovstal withdrawal", reality they surendered. Over and over we get this stuff.

Moskva sank all over the news

They forgot to mention that Ukraine has lost nearly all its navy including its flagship the Hetman Sahaidachny, its Comand ship the Donba as well as 20 other ships and boats sunk or captured (non Russian sources BBC, CNN, Ukraine MOD USA military information, etc..) . ( Ukraine claims 6 Russian ships or boats sunk including the Moskva and a tug boat).

We don't need Russian new or disinformation, all we need to do is wait a few days or weeks and the truth comes out as soon as the Western media has to come up with a new way of saying Ukraine has again "retreated or lost" without using those words.

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It is getting harder to tell the difference between a democracy and a authoritarian regime.

We are now told what is permitted to think and read, dissenting opinion are discouraged. We are told what to believe and what we are not permitted to believe, from politics, social to sexuality even religion.

In recent years we have banned more books, movies and songs than ever before going back to the the days of book burning.

We call Ukraine a democracy, despite before the invasion all the western countries were pointing out it's corruption, it's treatment of minorities, suddenly Russia invaded and they are the poster child for democracy only they banned all political opposition and banned Russian literature and music, doesn't sound democratic or free (you can argue the point in political parties but banning books and music is just ethnic discrimination).

So at this point I don't believe any side they are all liers, they say it is about democracy vs authoritarianism but we the west are supporting an authoritarian regime as it pounds the life out of its neighbour.

Say whatever you want but when our governments spread false information, in one hand say they support Democracy but on the other hand support authoritarian regimes.

If you believe anything they say you are fooling yourself.

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Two birds with one stone?

never let a crisis get in the way of self interest! You can be sure they will use this against their own cirizens!

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The 77th brigade will help you think the right thoughts

Don't worry, you will have never have to rhink for yourself ever again

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Why do they pass laws against Russian laundering money in the UK

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Those Brexit clowns....

LOL !!..

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Boris Johnson too resign

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When other countries do it: censorship!

When a western country does it: fighting disinformation and hate.

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