UK to make electric car charging points compulsory in new buildings


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Good idea in principle, bad idea if they don’t sort out the impact on the national grid of all those chargers being used at the same time as everyone gets home from work! The grid as it stands simply isn’t designed or capable of handling that level of demand. They will have to turn on the standby coal fired generators to balance the drain, whoops there goes the EV’s supposed clean carbon footprint!

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Number of cars on UK roads: 32,697,408.

Number of these that are electric or hybrid: 215,192.

Number of UK charging points (approx): 42,000.

At 145,000 new charging points per annum, there will be 32 million of them in 220 years.

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UK to make electric car charging points compulsory in new buildings

Now if only they would legislate to make all new buildings solar and wind powered to be energy self sufficient as well then we would really be making progress. A lost opportunity.

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