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Apple assembler Foxconn reportedly considering iPhone factory in Vietnam


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What ???.creating Another case like the recent scandal at Sharp Japan for foreign workers , sharp produce for for Foxconn???.More shame and the advisers will not be advisers any more. Foxconn is a company made from very hard work from it's founder who first came to Japan or I was told educated here in Japan. Vietnam ???,when they have just moved 3,000 jobs to Shanghai in China ???, giving the excuse that they want to cut down production in Japan with foreign workers ???.Pls anyone explain this issue to me. This is not an era that any companies can escape from human slavery . My advice is , stop and get things done correctly.

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Awesome! Cheaper labor and increased prices. My Apple stocks are looking stronger by the day.

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hold on I thought Trump said those Chinese jobs are coming back to America, seems like there are still a number of countries that can offer a far better deal

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