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Google opens paid-for Australia news platform in drive to undercut Canberra's content payment law

By Colin Packham

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Yep yep now news sites will need to apply and may even need to pay google to have their online news papers listed in the alternative failure to join means no free advertising for their online news papers which means a drop in subscribers for them. it isn't that hard for google to add a no read exclusion to a website they do it all the time with "dangerous" sites which means legislation be damned goodbye to online newspapers in australia that don't agree to join the alternative visiting numbers will drop instantly and you won't find other search engines willing to pay for the news either.

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Google paying to feature news articles or large snippets of them seems fair. Google paying for them to appear in search results seems crazy.

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Google surely can afford to do this.

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Use DuckDuckGo.

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Funny how business people outsmart politicians. No chess players in the Australian Parliament it appears. Checkers might even be challenging to them. Though I don't like Google and avoid using any of their products to the degree possible I thought the proposed law by the Australian Parliament to be very poorly considered and this move by Google is sort of an appropriate counter to them. I pretty much fell like giving both sides in the conflict a big middle finger. If I had a third hand I'd add a middle finger to the media outlets complaining. It's a commercial dispute that should be adjudicated in a court of law, not in somebody's parliament.

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