Social media abuse drives girls off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: poll

By Emma Batha

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Agreed. This is nothing but really good. If only some less fortunate could have just walked away from social media, instead of taking their own lives.

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Yeah, I can only see getting off (anti-) social media as being good news. Glad I never joined any of those to begin with and I'm not a young girl or a woman.

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Yet most of the growing number of social media influencers are girls - fashion, travel, food, make-up, etc..

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It's rare that we have almost unanimous raves here and those after my own heart rarer indeed. Perhaps we could do with social media what we do with our other 'poisons' such as Ethanol and porn and put an age limit on it. It's become TOO obvious that socmed(?) can be a dangerous pursuit, and not least among our young who have yet to learn the deep and painful contradictions which define Human Reality and the Humans in it. Clearly the need for 'approval' induced by this practice has pathological effects for many and this story is just more prima facie evidence for that view.

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After reading the detailed article, something seems off. "We use (your platforms) not just to connect with friends, but to lead and create change. But they are not safe for us. We get harassed and abused on them. Every. Single. Day," they wrote." - Perhaps the harassing is happening because they are trying to force their beliefs on everybody? I would think that there was no reason to harass anyone over just connecting with friends. So it is likely the "to lead and create change" part.

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It sounds as if it's women harassing women. Otherwise the author would have blamed men for everything.

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