The Sony PlayStation 5 standard and Digital Edition consoles and a DualSense controller Photo: SONY INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT INC/REUTERSREUTERS

'Spider-Man,' 'Gran Turismo' among games for new PS5, Sony says

By Sam Nussey

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I kind of love the sci-fi skyscraper look they're going for here.

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the latest Gran Turismo on the PS5 - what a beauty ...

Sony’s long gaming experience - the first PlayStation launched 25 years ago - is proving tricky to replicate even for well-financed rivals.

no doubt about it. PlayStation will always be the PlayStation.

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The new machines look like Imperial Stormtrooper helmets.

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Are we going to be able to play PS4 games on PS5?

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Spider Man sequel? Shut up and take my money.

Yes, the PS5 will be downwards compatible, but only for a few selected PS4 games.

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Will the ps5 be downwards compatible?

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Things aren't looking so good for PS5 this time, as the Xbox Series X/PS5 era represents the widest performance gap between competing consoles in ages; the Xbox Series X is vastly more powerful than the PS5 as Microsoft spared no expense in ensuring its performance supremacy over the PS5.

@Speed and @buffalo

Will the ps5 be downwards compatible?

The answer to this question is "selectively".

In theory, it should be possible, but code behaves differently at different architectures, namely thread synchronization, so which could cause possible side effects.

While game codes are extensively tested on different PC specs to ensure scalability, they aren't on consoles since the spec is fixed.

So until Sony individually tests games, it can't certify games as being backwards compatible.

This applies to PS4 and certain PS2 games only. The backwards compatibility with the PS3 is impossible due to the PS3's weird architecture that makes emulation a near impossibility.

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Will the new Xbox and PS5 be made in China?

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I hope to get one this year.

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I'll be buying one very soon. Thank you Sony! I feel very old, I still remember getting the original PS1, and the very first version of Gran Turismo! In its day it was unbelievable.

You simply cant beat Japanese gaming tech. No one ever will.

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I skipped the ps4 but this is looking like it might burn a hole in my pocket.

It seems most PS4 games will be playable but it is yet to be confirmed, however around a hundred have been confirmed will be working at launch.

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Best looking console in PS history.

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Probably going to wait for a bit. I started with a PS4 pro about 1.2 years after the original PS4 was released. I'm holding back to see if they pull a "PS5 pro" before "upgrading" and passing down my PS4 pro to family members. Love my PS4 and the games it comes with. And because of backlog and backwards compatibility with MOST games I'll have no concerns waiting.

2nd since it uses an SSD, with a meager 895(?) gigs total I'm going to have to wait because I had manually upgraded my PS4 Pro HDD from 1TB to 2TBs.

So I'm probably going to wait and save.

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I'm holding back to see if they pull a "PS5 pro" before "upgrading" and passing down my PS4 pro to family members. 

You don't have to worry about that.

When the PS4 Pro launched, Sony was forced to redesign the PS4 by AMD because AMD was discontinuing the use of TSMC 28 nm process relatively quickly and demanded that both Sony and Microsoft to move to 16 nm process, even though moving to TSMC 16 nm would not have reduced the chip cost much due to higher pin count of PS4 chip.

This time around, both PS5 and Xbox Series X are launching on TSMC 7 nm process, which is currently the best process available for volume production and will be in use for 5 years.

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I will probably buy it anyway.... mainly because of the Sony VR set( begining to like life without 7 monitors. I wish GranTurismo too gets closer to iRacing

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Yes, the PSVR is great. Hoping the PS5 will give us an Astro Bot 2, Elite Dangerous with VR access, Farming Simulator with VR lol.... Monster Hunter running at 4k resolution and better frame rates would be nice. I probably won't be buying any PS5 games unless I really want them.

@Samit, unfortunately I can only take that with a grain of salt as both Microsoft and Sony released premium versions of their previous systems. And many game sites are expecting the same thing to happen again with this generation.

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