Tech firms should be made liable for 'fake news'on sites, say UK lawmakers


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Facebook should just purchase The Onion and label everything on the site as political satire with a disclaimer.

Facebook lost 19% of the share price in 1 day. Being called in front of multiple govt bodies due to the way you make profits is never good for the bottom line.

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Progressive globalists control the traditional media and now they’re trying to control the Internet because of the rise in anti-globalist populism. Who decides which news is fake? Why, they do of course.

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Those who have positions or money or power to lose claim fake news. We need to break down walls. I also question the moral of a company losing $19 billion because of a comment. Making that kind of money is indecent. Of course others are going to balk at this comment. It’s time the world worked on A single world government. Strengthening the UN wouldn’t be a bad idea, but it does need a restructure. Fake news is mostly about politics and power holders.

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The problem is that traditional media and politicians twist information to meet their needs then get upset because someone does it better.

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Perhaps Damian Collins would like to see how regulation of the internet works in China.

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Politicians should also be held accountable for any lies they spout.

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