The British flag and a smartphone with a Huawei and 5G network logo are seen on a PC motherboard. Photo: REUTERS file

UK asks Japan for Huawei alternatives in 5G networks: report


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There have to be alternatives. I follow closely a brilliant young man of just 27 years of age named Nathan Law from Hong Kong. He recently left HK to stay in the UK out of his safety, and he began lobbying for a boycott of Huawei. It was then when I realised what it was.

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It is about time that nations are waking up to the fact that China isn't their friend.

The world has become top reliant on them for cheap stuff and has to move away and find new suppliers. Ones without concentration camps.

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NEC Corp and Fujitsu Ltd as potential alternative suppliers to Huawei

NEC and Fujitsu aren't alternative suppliers to Huawei. Look at Japan's own 5G equipment market, which is dominated by foreign vendors and NEC and Fujitsu get the scraps.

If NEC and Fujitsu can't compete in Japan, how are they supposed to compete half-way around the world where they don't even have existing marketing and service infrastructure?

Existing Huawei orders in UK will be split between Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung, and that's the end of story.

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It is a right move. China took advantage of the the free economy of the west while the country retaining their communism and totalitarian regime. We should not allow China's "state capitalism" by which the western businesses are placed under unfair positions. It was a mistake we let them become a member of WTO.

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Wise move by the the UK. Allowing a Communist, authoritarian state that hates democracy and freedom and commits ethnic genocide, to build and control your communications network - monitoring every phone call and email - would have been madness. Whichever politicians and bureaucrats even considered it should be sacked and banned from public life.

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This is a smart move. There may even been some other business dealings under the table if the UK keeps strong ties with Japan. We shouldn't trust China. If this deal with UK-Japan goes through, it will also create work for translators/interpreters and teachers living in Japan or the UK.

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Successive Conservative governments were more than happy to accept Huawei technology. This "purge" is only happening because of threats on trade agreements with the UK from the elephant recogniser in the White House.

Existing Huawei orders in UK will be split between Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung, and that's the end of story.

Seems reasonable.

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The world would happily buy Japanese network equipment, if it was quality and not TOOOO expensive. In that realm, the competition isn't China, it is Nokia, a few other European companies and the USA. Would be funny if Japan were able to convince some Chinese to relocate, bring the IP from their old jobs in China and help setup design and manufacturing. Hummmmm. Funny indeed.

Japan Inc. being able to capitalize on the vacuum left by Chinese Corporations the world is trying to avoid is the harder part. A public/private partnership, perhaps?

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This is good news. If we can get a consortium of democracies all deleting Chinese influence from our nations then we're all better off. Save HK

12 ( +16 / -4 )

One way or another Chinese parts and components WILL end up in the 5G system, and you can count on it.

It is almost impossible to go without China these days.

-8 ( +4 / -12 )

Why is Britain looking towards Japan for 5G equipment? Britain should be looking more towards Europe. In fact, Britain should be working with Europe to produce 5G equipment, but everything has been messed up by Boris and Brexit.

If Britain has to choose an alliance between China or the US, Britain should choose China. The US that spies on the world and its own citizens as much as if not more than China does. At least, China is not in a state of permanent war with the world.

Many JT readers are saying China is communist and totalitarian, but America is also rapidly becoming a police state and seems to be heading towards fascism.

Why does Britain have to choose between an alliance with China or the US? Britain still has a much better alliance with the EU, but Boris wants to end that and too proud to admit he was wrong about Brexit.

-1 ( +10 / -11 )

China is not the answer or solution to anything, good to see the UK has made the right choice on this one, they would have been booted out of the 5 eyes if they hadn't, no chance for chinese spying can be tolerated

9 ( +13 / -4 )

Chinese bot alert.

The majority of comments here are anti-Huawei, and yet they all have negative like counts.

I wouldn’t choose Huawei either.

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Unfortunately, China will shift its attention to other 3rd World status countries. They have been making inroads in Central, South America, Pacific Islands, and parts of Africa. They are trying to make their West in Asia, but they hit a road block in India.

They need to be isolated like Russia and NK if they can not be trusted. We have always heard of about the illegal activities of those 3 communist countries, and Russia was just allegedly caught trying to steal COVID-19 research being used for a cure.

9 ( +12 / -3 )

America is also rapidly becoming a police state and seems to be heading towards fascism.

a real police state doesn’t allow mass protests.

10 ( +13 / -3 )

But Huawei goods are freely available here in Japan. My WiFi receiver is made by Huawei. I don't understand. Well, actually, I do. Huawei is part of the decoupling of the USA from China because the USA can't compete anymore, especially the USA can't compete with China. Chinese stuff is more advanced.

-10 ( +5 / -15 )

Chinese tech is hugely dependent on stolen intellectual property, and Huawei competes as an invisible arm of the Chinese Communist Party, with enormous government financial support that allowed dumping their product cheaply to win competitive bids, along with armies of hackers to steal tech across the globe. The Chinese Communist Party is a threat to everyone's freedom, not just in China, HK, or (soon) Taiwan. It's about time the world recognized this, sadly 10 years too late.

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The problem with Japan is culturally they are too afraid to take risks. They can build quality products, but they would rather play it safe which is usually too late in tech. They often miss opportunities. An example of this is the smartphone industry. Sony Xperia 1 II is a really good phone. I am wondering if this will be another missed opportunity by not riding the success in the smartphone market.

In addition to Sony, Samsung, Apple, Alphabet (Google) and a few smaller companies like in India and Europe are the only smartphone companies. Apple uses Chinese facilities. The majority of the other phones are Chinese as well most of the cheap tech on amazon and ebay.

If Japan rebuilds their cellphone industry, that would encourage them to build their own 5G network.

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In the UK, Fujitsu managed to make a mess of the Post Office IT system, leading to 25,000 PO managers wrongly accused of theft; as well as a number of Health Service IT contracts. NEC, perhaps a little better, but both get bloated J-gov contracts.

Years ago, UK and USA all had solid electronics industries, but were sold out on the twin altars of shareholder value and higher profit margins, coupled with lack of investment and minimal R&D; as their owners turned to Asia and China.

But if security is the big issue, surely the NSA and GCHQ can analyse their products thoroughly for weaknesses, IIRC the UK already has a facility to do that.

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Japanese chip makers were overwhelming in the world until Japan-U.S. semiconductor frictions happened in 1990s. Samsung was the big winner of the trouble. They got a chance to grow big while Japanese chip makers sank.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Big wins for Fujitsu, Nec, and a forerunner to a comprehensive trade deal. This could be a win win. Get it done.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

The UK so committed to this that it has hinted to China that the decision may be reversed if Trump loses the election.

Some parts of the UK have terrible wired broadband, so getting people the best 5G possible should be a priority, not a political football.

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Fujitsu has a fully operational Radio Access Network Solution (RAN) for Mobile Networks solution.

UK/BT back-haul network is fully commissioned using Huawei tech equipment.

From 2016....

BT announces 40Gbps fibre back haul network speed breakthrough with Huawei ......

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Any electronic component purchased from Communist China must be considered suspect and exploitable for their benefit. And developing and acquiring an entire country-wide network with a Chinese backbone is ludicrous.

This is not a political issue; it is purely national security.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

If one has any doubt that the Government of through Huawei, will not spy and undermine UK national security need to review below

UK accuses China of 'gross' human rights abuses against Uighurs…..

If the Government of China is tantamount to committing grave acts of Genocide to/on its own people then the Government of China will not finch from spying if and whenever it can on any foreign power.

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This is good, and I hope that the UK can make close links with the E.U. countries and Japan with IT trade, and that Australia follows suit, as the latter is already considering reorientingmore of it's general trade more towards the UK.

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I can't believe England or Europe or the US can't build a 5G system. Do they have to come to Japan to get it? I'm happy for Japan, it sorely needs a boost in the arm but are other nations so far behind?

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itsonlyrockandroll, you make it sound as it China hadn't already done so having read a lot of evidence they have.
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talaraedokko I believe/am of the opinion, that the Government of China has been been systematically undermining spying on UK Government, business, people continually for a decade or more. I have no concrete proof though.

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Huawei's IP is Nortel's so if Huawei's employees defected to the west, they would be bringing Canada's tech back with them.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

USA can't compete anymore,

Quite right. Apple, Google and Microsoft are so darn uncompetitive.

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China is building a nuclear power station in Britain.

If true, that is a disgrace to the British politicians who approved it. How much were they bribed to allow this? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Johnson should order the immediate halt of this Chinese nuclear plant.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Communism draws its power from spying and lying. It was the same with the USSR

So what’s all this poopycock about the Chinese govt projecting China to become the worlds number one economy? Bringing wealth and prosperity to its citizens? Providing jobs, roads, schools and infrastructure to masses of 3rd world countries? Sharing its technology around the world? Exporting cheap products around the world so ordinary people can survive?

you really seem scared of communism! Did you check under your bed?

-6 ( +0 / -6 )

zichi, is correct.

The nuclear plant in question is Hinkley Point C.

US blacklists Chinese nuclear firm involved in UK Hinkley Point C project

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"But if security is the big issue, surely the NSA and GCHQ can analyse their products thoroughly for weaknesses, "

Pretty sure NSA has and the verdict is their equipment is designed to permit the PLA to gain access to whatever device contains Chinese components. Heck, the US Govt. just grounded all of their Chinese made quadcopter drones when it became apparent their wireless docking stations were allowing the Chinese to conduct surveillance through both the docking station and the quadcopter.

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Why do people keep saying Huawei is steeling US technology? Huawei has more than 5,000 US patents. They don't need to steal technology from the US. Go to the USPTO homepage and do a quick search on Huawei (applicant) and see for yourself. The US is growing weak. That's all.

-8 ( +0 / -8 )

This is just a sample of/to the lengths Huawei will stoop to steal a company’s/business research and development tech….. If not so blatant, so preposterous it would be laughable.

Huawei Accused of Technology Theft...four minute listen/read.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Well, @gokai_wo_maneku, it could be because they are the biggest thief in the entire world when it comes to stealing technology and intellectual property. Just do a search using the words China steals.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

I like this article from 2016 on the Chinese J-20: China proudly debuts its new stealth jet it built 'by hacking into US computers and stealing plans...

1 ( +2 / -1 )


If this deal with UK-Japan goes through, it will also create work for translators/interpreters and teachers living in Japan

Great job by the foreign translator of "Go to Travel campaign"

Sarcasm mode on.

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you really seem scared of communism! Did you check under your bed?

I don't need to. The government lets me read anything I want.

Scary, isn't it.

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Yep if you can't compete, cheat.

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Sad that the UK can't make its own stuff but pretty much any company based outside China would be better

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Huawei's IP is Nortel's so if Huawei's employees defected to the west, they would be bringing Canada's tech back with them.


As a kid I played soccer each summer on all the pitches that surrounded Northern Telecoms facilities in the early forward when I graduated Uni in mod 80s many of my friends in engineering & math & computers got their first gigs at NT upon graduation, was sad when it went south at NT!

But at least now after me harping for around 20yrs now saying we need to stop feeding the Chinese monster we MAY FINALLY be reaching a turning point, if the west doesnt start getting out of China it is not going to end well, may already be too late but we still need to try for our sake & for the Chinese people who have\are being brainwashed on an insane level!!

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Huawei is a name that instills trust because they built China's national face recognition system used to track its citizens. Must be fun to live in China and know the government is able to track everything you do outside of your home.

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I see that Belgrade, Serbia installed the same system recognition system to help reduce crime. I wonder if Huawei can tap into their system.

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It is almost impossible to go without China these days.

And in 1-2 yrs, with effort, it will be possible. Just like medical protection manufacturing has returned to many countries who outsourced that to China too. There just has to be a need and political will to strongly encourage the correct outcome.

Huawei has stolen IP from many companies around the world.

Cisco and Motorola:

China hacked more than 245 companies and agencies, including US Navy and


China has a very different moral code than the rest of the world, which is what upsets everyone else. The Chinese State aggressively encourages people with access to any non-Chinese technology to steal it and bring it back to China. They've stolen from Russia, Canada, US, Europe and rather than cut them off, all the companies didn't complain and kept giving their IP to China because you can't make any money if you aren't in the market.

China has blocked non-Chinese internet companies just by demanding complete control over the content. Look at Tik-Tok and other video platform reporting tools for objectionable content. Tik-Tok's version matches the Chinese CCP mandates even outside China.

Every Chinese company is an arm of the Chinese CCP at some level. They are required to run govt mandated tax software, GoldenHelper, which has been caught with multiple remote access and data gathering tools. So a Canadian company in China, has to run this software. It is likely on the same network as many other systems so that malware bypasses all the edge protections.

In only gets worse. Chinese people know the govt is censoring, heavily, but since their lives have continually gotten better and better (for the most part), they aren't going to riot and demand changes. I particularly love the Chinese law against "causing trouble." That is the most clear law ever, right?

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A shame to see the world continue being puppets of the US. China and Huawei have done nothing wrong to warrant such behaviour towards her.

China has simply beaten the world at 5G and the world is mad about it. Let's just face it that China is able to surpass the US and this is the phobia the US is battling with and is using the world to contain China's advancement. What a shame.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

China and Huawei have done nothing wrong to warrant such behaviour towards her.

Nothing except all that’s written in the thread above. Stealing tech, using it to create a police state, and then trying to sell it back to the countries it stole the tech from.

No...nothing wrong...Lol

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