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WhatsApp to move ahead with privacy update despite backlash


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Centralized voice/video/chat will always have attacks by govts around the world. The normal govts we expect to be anti-privacy fall into that group, but there are some huge democracies which think privacy on the internet cannot be allowed too - cough - India. Seems most of these places only go after the big boy services, not the small ones that individuals run.

Keep jumping from app to app, or solve this need once and for all by finding a nerd to setup your own server for $5/month (or $0) if you are nerdy. Voice chat can easily be hosted at home. Video just needs a little more bandwidth.

YOU control the crypto-keys.

YOU control the invites.

YOU control the data.

Many have smart-phone apps, but all have web-apps so any modern browser can be used.

A US$35 Raspberry-pi computer can handle encrypted voice chat for a family and much more.

There are many guides online - here's one. https://www.instructables.com/NextCloud-on-the-Raspberry-Pi-DIY-Dropbox/ For voice, video, and text chat, just install Nextcloud-talk. https://nextcloud.com/talk/ You can pay someone else for this, if you prefer. Just be certain they patch the system at least 2x a month. Running a server on the internet isn't setup and forget it.

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No problem, i dont need them. Terminating them

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It sparked a global outcry and sent users to rival apps Telegram and Signal, among others

Serves them right.

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why are people making a HUGE fuss out of this?

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Only on What's App because of the family. I am going to drop it like it's hot.

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i removed this application with its annyoing "policies" and since have started to use telegram,dont need whatsap anymore.

Telegram has govts attacking it.

why are people making a HUGE fuss out of this?

The main selling point of these apps is privacy. Only recently has most of the world woke about the negative impacts of non-private communications. Don't let any single company or govt control your privacy. Take control yourself.

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In India, the messaging app's biggest user base, Facebook executives fielded questions from a parliamentary panel on the need for the changes, days after the country's technology ministry asked the messaging platform to withdraw them..

So were they withdrawn or not..or still FB is going ahead with this change..If they go-ahead than they are looking at Australia styled showdown..but with a half billion user base in India..they cannot take that risk.

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Signal, telegram, Line. Other options available that aren’t yet co-opted by the CIA.

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Signal, telegram, Line. Other options available that aren’t yet co-opted by the CIA.

as far as you know.

This isn't the cia type of work. NSA, FBI, GCHQ, FSB, Chinese ATP teams, Iran, UAE, Israel, and multiple European hacking teams are on this stuff. The CIA would compromise a few devices for specific targets, not the entire protocol and user-base. The CIA would ask the NSA for specific information about selected targets, gathered using multiple sources.

Big centralized services will always be a target. Always. Russia rall doesn't like any encrypted communications and has banned telegram. China bans them all.

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