Researchers uncover flaw that makes Wi-Fi vulnerable to hacks


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Adobe flash has a back door too, like Wi Fi itself. Oddly enough Kaspersky found Adobe's back door. Kaspersky itself has been identified as a back door program for the Russian Government disguised as an anti-virus /hacking program.

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CERT NZ also strongly recommends disabling Wi-Fi when it isn't required

Seems difficult these days when everyone has a wifi hotspot emanating from their phones to connect with watches, wireless earbuds and whatever else.

A few weeks ago I was on an almost empty train with 2 other passengers sitting in the same carriage and I could see 'Anna's iphone' and 'George's iphone' on my wifi connections list. I was really tempted to completely freak them out by casually saying 'Hello Anna and are you both doing today?', but I managed to resist the urge. I wonder if either of them knew that they were broadcasting their personal information like that.

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The report says

"...attacker tricks the user into reinstalling a key".

So until updates land, if we all avoid reinstalling keys or connecting to WiFi we don't know, we should be good.

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Always prefer wired ethernet over any RF/broadcast solution.

Use a VPN with all RF/broadcast/wifi, always. Even at home. This is possible with most real computing devices like smartphones. It is only the 1-trick devices that don't support it - like media players (chromecasts, rokus, etc.).

Bluetooth has never and will never be secure enough to trust. It should never have been released, IMHO.

Setting up a real VPN for most end-users is beyond their technical expertise, sadly.

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