Samsung's new foldable Galaxy phone will have 5G and $2,000 price tag

By Stephen Nellis

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I don't know, sure this is an interesting device ... but hhhmmmm? The tablet is not particularly big and is quite thick and the bezels appear quite big too .....  and then there is the NOTCH! the very thing they ridiculed Apple for! And then there is the HUGE price tag, $2000 is the starting price! and I have serious questions about the durability of a folding device like this

Full credit for all the tech that's gone into this ....  but I have serious doubts, apart from a few rich show offs, who will buy it?

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I presume the same type of crowd that has to rush out to buy the latest iPhone version will be lining up for these. Sorry, too much money for a phone. I have the wherewithal to buy any one of these, but I choose to spend my money elsewhere. And I no longer buy phones from carriers or sign contracts.

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Rather buy a used car.

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It's just the start of the next g.

Someone has to step up &.

All others will follow it.

Prices will fall much.

Wearable soon.

10 years on.

Who ???

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Only someone with more ego than common sense would buy that crap.

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 from a few rich show offs, who will buy it?

In 5 years, all flagship phones will be foldable. Today's "digital natives" will dig it, since it allows multitasking.

I can imagine flagship laptops being foldable as well.

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I wonder what will happen with the fold after opening and closing the phone let's say 300 times. But the concept is great. Would love to try it out.

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papigiulio - they said in trials they folded the phones 100,000s of times - so they said.

If that's the case, then should be no probs.

Yes this is no gimmick, this is the future.

My friend in the clothes business is actively pursuing this science with his Chinese suppliers. He wants to have the first flexible device as part of a shirt for example before anyone else.

I advised him to go this way a few years ago. I hope he can have success and maybe he'll pay me a bonus for my aging body. ha, ha.

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This is the future

I doubt that very much, most people can't afford these prices even if they come down a bit

and all said and done, what? you save a few inches in your pocket and its double the thickness!

Imagine walking around with 2 phones in your pocket!

.... and a huge notch! And the tablet size isn't really big enough to be all that useful (??) I mean get your phone and imagine 2 of them, sure its bigger but its not going to make a huge difference!

sure a few rich guys will buy it but I would much rather get a top phone and an iPad Pro and still have some money left over

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I don't need it. I'm still using Sony Xperia Z3. My Mobile doesn't have even an internet connection. I have Internet in my home. It's for young people whose parents are wealthy.

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