Uber's messy data breach collides with launch of SoftBank deal

By Jim Finkle and Heather Somerville

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If as it seems, the repeal of the net neutrality act goes ahead, then the Sprint investment may not be as sour as at first seems. One would have to wonder, if there's some behind the scenes handshaking going on with Big business and Trump ?

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Son's Waterloo maybe Uber.

Actually the buying of Sprint was.
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Don't invest in American Companies! Apparently Lehman Brothers did teach nothing. them, Japanese companies have done it before, and they can do it again. Softbank is a different animal altogether and while Uber has all sorts of problems, putting Son in charge would make a huge difference for Uber, not just financially but image wise as well.

Kalanick should be guano-canned as soon as possible. He is the biggest reason why Uber has problems, and I wonder how he gets away with it legally.

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What would happen if Softbank and other potential investors didn't pump in the extra cash to Uber ? Are they quite literally keeping Uber above water (Über Wasser) preventing it from sinking ? That would be, if it's the case, surely be a ponzi scheme - using new investors money to pay off loans from older investors ?

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Son's Waterloo maybe Uber.

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It would these major providers of Cash to Uber aren't going to get any payback unless Uber goes ahead with its IPO, but that would ever seem unlikely given the ongoing trickle of one scandal after another.... just waiting for the Accounting Scandal, then that's the end.

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@UlsterBoy: Yeah, Softbank logic can't be understood except if they are doing this to make Trump happy. I remember some time ago, I had read something about Trump saying proudly that Softbank was investing in the US.

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Uber certainly appears to be stumbling from one mess to another. They're currently being sued over the matter. One wonders if Softbank is just going to end up funding payment of the impending fines ?

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Why does Softbank want to invest in this garbage full of scandals? And this is like Japanese companies can end up like Toshiba. Don't invest in American Companies! Apparently Lehman Brothers did teach nothing.

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Uber is an accident waiting to happen.

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