Ethereum breaks past $3,000 to quadruple in value in 2021


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Cryptocurrency ether broke past$3,000 on Monday to set a new record high in a dazzling rally that has outshone the bigger bitcoin, as investors bet that ether will be of ever greater use in a decentralised future financial system.

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What a crock. bubbles bubbles everywhere. I doubt that the vast majority of people buying that have an interest in its use in a decentralised financial system.

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Bubble is what people who aren't invested say.

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Bubble is what people who aren't invested say.

Hmm, no. Good luck paying me in cryptocurrency, no matter how much the paper value is...

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"Bubble is what people who aren't invested say."

Couldn't agree more with @Hello there. Always the easy and lazy way to comment when they themselves are too scared or lazy to invest.

Further more, you don't need to have an interest in DeFi to understand that it is part of our future and therefore a smart investment.

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Seems a good, solid investment. Cryptocurrencies are definitely the way of the future, dont listen to the technophobes. People including me should try and get in ASAP before prices hit much higher.

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ETH is a great investment in IMHO - I bought at $1200 so have done well (took some profits at $2500). Its is the future of finance for sure - imagine being able to send money based on a set of programmable conditions (smart contracts) or lend and borrow money without the need for a bank or any kind of middleman (DEFI). Imagine being able to earn between 3-7% interest just by depositing ETH (staking) for a set period of time. ETH is literally an internet computer accessible to anyone that will replace large portions of the banking sector.

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It's sad, this year video cards won't have a sane price tag.

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I still cannot figure out why one would want a cryptocurrency for purposes other than speculation (acceptable), money laundering, cyber ransom or tax evasion (which are not).

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mmm - so @Zoroto. You had a choice between Japan and Australia, both of which have oppressive tax regimes are you are against being paid a in a little crypto on the side to hide from the taxman. OK.

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ETH is one of the best investments I've done in my life, last bull market Ethereum paid for my house, an overpowered German vehicle and allowed me to flip the bird to my boss and go independent. This one will probably mean retirement. Unlike Bitcoin, ETH has lots of use cases and most of DeFi is being built on Ethereum. Do not miss out!

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What's wrong with trying to make a profit on something with your own money, that's the whole point right, to make more money than you put in. Stocks, real estate, crypto, tulips, etc it's all just speculation really, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. You have to be willing to take the chance and roll the dice. Some are riskier than others yes but still, everyone has their own risk tolerance level and nobody can say who is right or wrong there. If you make money then great job, just understand the risks going in and have an exit strategy. I've been in it since early 2017, what a ride and the account is still growing, have taken profits along the way too.

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@zoroto sure. Going to the bank is much more convenient. Gtfo

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Withdrawing was the biggest problem for Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency because the maximum amount of Bitcoin was $ 20000 and the other may be less.

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