Apple cuts forecast, citing weak China sales amid trade tensions

By Stephen Nellis and Munsif Vengattil

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Maybe Apple should worry about it's bendable products and how it's now viewed as acceptable out of the box.

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Apple is partially to be blamed. While the X line is superb, its average price is out of touch with reality. I have an iPhone 7, which works perfectly. When I tried an XR I wanted to upgrade instantly, but then I realized that the XR costs twice the price I paid for the 7. I think many Apple customers have done the same calculation. Hope in 2019, Apple revises its price policies. It’s hurting the company badly.

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Apple is just the beginning. 2019 is NOT looking good for investors.

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Apple's strategy of making up decreasing iPhone sales in saturated markets with increasing prices thereby maintaining revenues............ isn't working

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Today  05:32 pm JST

I think if he's going to blame China, he needs to blame Apple as well. I mean look, Apple decided to move to China right? For a many number of reasons. But look, do you think Chinese consumers are ignorant? One of the true selling points of Apple is that it's an or was an 'American' product. That had appeal along with the the tech. But in this age tech can be copied, in fact Apple all but handed over the keys to the kingdom to the Chinese Government all to be able to do business in China. So now they have a product that pretty much Chinese, execpt for the name given by it's founder. And then what do they do? They price themselves right out of the market, thinking Chinese companies or others couldn't compete, wrong move. I mean sure you may have image or the trend, but as they are now finding out the hard way; trends change faster than light in China, and it should, and Apple has no answers or innovative ideas to counter it, and if it did, it would be taken by the Chinese Government and given to Huawei it some other company.

The direction of Apple is appalling frankly and I give respect to China for taking what Apple was giving, Apple honestly thought they had the upper hand with China. But China is way to quick to to let profit slip from its fingers.

Now that said, I love Apple products, with video and audio they are second to none and always will be, but Apple needs to quickly reconfigure it's buisness in China entirely if hopes to get back on top, starting with a little humility and pricing in my opinion. Peace

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