Zuckerberg says Warren as U.S. president would be bad for tech

By David Shepardson and Elizabeth Culliford

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Looks like Zuckerberg just told his employees to vote for Trump!

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I don't use FB or any of the other web-properties they own. Actively block all of them at the network layer. It is an effective option for me and people on my networks, but too difficult for most people.

However, nobody is forcing anyone to use the FB websites or apps. It is your choice. A bunch of people have completely stopped using centralized social media and switched to distributed social media tools where you control what is shared and with whom. No ads. No strangers posting at you. Nobody selling your information and contacts.

I would like anti-tracking laws which prevent internet tracking of non-customers/non-users by all internet companies without prior, written, revocable, consent. If we don't have an account, they shouldn't be tracking anyone, anywhere. If we aren't logged into their website, they shouldn't be tracking either.

When individuals and companies have a problem with lawmakers, at least in the USA, putting the lawyers on the problem is an acceptable answer. That is what Zuch is saying.

Do you think DoD contractors want Warren in office? Which party is more likely to buy tanks, military aircraft, and anti-ICBM/anti-drone/anti-cruise missile stuff?

If you are in the health care/insurance industry, then voting for a democrat is likely better for the bottom line. Every smart industry makes plans based on the political climate. In the US, next year will be an up year for the economy due to all the political spending and "convention" spending.

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God, so now tech is really a political issue. Thank U very much for stating clearly in public. No wonder, u like the current president.

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A billionaire is against Elizabeth Warren? Shocker.

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If it's bad for Facebook, then it must be good, right?

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