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Facebook overhauls messaging as it pivots to privacy

By Katie Paul

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Don't trust what they say. Just yesterday they were caught providing detailed location data to data brokers.

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Zuckerburg is asking us to trust him again. But like a cheating spouse... It's just not going to work out. Sorry Mark.

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Wanna hear a joke ?

We trusts Facebook !

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I have an account but almost never use it. Don’t trust these giants. They’re too big. You can't control them. Just read what the Chinese or Russians are doing to undermine our peace. Thank you, no thank you.

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Uh... isn't their Business Model based upon Targeted advertising, so by not monitoring what you're writing about, they won't have something to sell to Advertisers... ?

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FB is claiming they are changing their business model to be more B2C - business to customers.

I didn't see Zuck's speech were he said that all personal data and tracking would be disabled from today on, period. He did admit that "we don't have the best history with privacy concerns."

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FaceBook have repeatedly lied about what they are doing. Add to that the dumb privacy errors they have made I would not use any of their services.

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what a disgusting company and ceo.

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