Qualcomm enforces ban to halt some Apple iPhone sales in Germany


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Two of America's most important companies at each others throat and sabotaging each other as a result.

Absolutely point blank ridiculous.

Time for the U.S government to step in and tell these two to sort there squabble out, once and for all.

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Interesting that Q is tied to Chinese telecom companies and A is also being denied in China. Some very interesting politics are going on. That is all related to the 5G technology which ALL communication companies are now preparing and competing to become the leader.

Interesting too that 5G can in fact make or destroy companies and even governments.

The point is 5G needs hardware as well as software and major infrastructure changes that brings $ trillions in the next decade. The point is one cannot do without the other, but the power lies in holding the patents to the hard or the soft that will bring in "automatic" revenues.

The fight has already begun...

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What comes around, goes around,... Apple really stifled advances in Tech through their own Law suites, and now... they are on the receiving end. Haha !

I am really happy at this, since my contact with Apple has been through stuck up pompous Apple "Geniuses" (what a name!!!) , and I wish them to all to sink to where they belong in order to learn a bit of Human humility. Apple needs to look inwards before looking outwards on how to to better... such a conceited organisation at present deserves to fail.

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Apple doesn't seem to give a hoot about stealing IP then ignoring Kurt orders.

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