Apple tunes out trade war as new AirPods, services lift holiday outlook

By Stephen Nellis

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Ridiculously overpriced as is usually the case with Apple products (except, maybe, the iPad). You've got companies with history and expertise in audio quality, like Sony and Sennheiser, and then you've got Apple. I mean, I gotta give credit where credit is due though. Just like with Beats, they're selling $20 worth of headphones for $200+.And they're selling good too! lmao.

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Bring back the iPod NANO, that little square thing with a clip. I cannot clip its replacement, which is practically a phone, onto my sports bra in the gym!

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I bought these. Best headphones I’ve ever owned hands down. Very impressed.

That said, they are so expensive. Apple is making a joke of people with the price. But people will pay it (as I show) and that’s capitalism.

They really are the gold standard for in-ear headphones right now. Smaller than anything and the noise cancelling is so good it blocks out the sounds of traffic on busy streets. It’s a little disorienting turning off music leaving the noise cancelation turned on.

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AirPods way too expensive even by Apple standards

you make it sound like Apple sell the most expensive wireless earphones! fact is, they don't! Expensive? sure but there are more expensive ones

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I always have to smile when I see folks wearing the ipods. Apple used to be a benchmark for industrial design, but brand loyalty has made people walk with tampons in their ear and make them feel proud of it! The ipods are versatile without a doubt, but the sound quality is lacking in compare to similar priced products of senheiser etc. Well the perspective of "great" sound quality has taken a nose dive with popularity of mp3 anyway, now the perspective of good design has gone down the drain as well.

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the sound quality is lacking in compare to similar priced products of senheiser etc. 

I would agree in regards to the Air Pods - which I also have. But the Air Pod Pros sounds better than any other earphones I tried, including the new Sony xfh-1000, which I bought after trying out a number of different ones. Those ones are great, but I have to say the air pod pros sound and feel better, at the same price.

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I bought these. Best headphones I’ve ever owned hands down. Very impressed.

Are you OK with the 18-30 month life?

Basically, Apple's hardware has turned into a subscription service because the hardware cannot be serviced (it is replaced with a refurbished piece) and it breaks soon after the warranty period. Bose another over marketed product is similar.

Warranties sold to customers were always a losing proposition for consumers, and a win for the business that sold them. Products that lived past the manufacturer's warranty generally didn't break, except with normal wear and tear, and the money spent on the warranty would be better saved for a future replacement.

Now, Apple's AppleCare just extends the time before you have to buy new hardware. Expect to be buying these things over and over again.

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Are you OK with the 18-30 month life?

Well I bought them knowing my AirPods only lasted about that long. So I guess the answer to your question is yes.

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There’s just no way I would ever pay that money for earbuds that aren’t even nearly worth that price, but Apple is making money, so good for them if people fall for this gimmick. I’ll stick to my Axumgear. Wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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The new Airpod Pro's have a fixed lifetime, as they each contain a non-rechargeable battery which can not be replaced.

Seems like a waste of money.

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