Bitcoin drops to 3-month low in wild trading after Musk tweets

By Tom Westbrook, Kevin Buckland and Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss

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Crash! Please! I want cheaper PC components. And does the earth need more pollution? Should reduce those ransomware scams as well. Remember, BT fans are focused on their value based on the USD

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He has too much influence on the market.Or there are too many paper hands coin holders.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

So much for BTC being an "inflation hedge." US released its highest inflation data in 20 years last week....and what happens with BTC? It sinks. LOL.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

It's a speculation cult.... Give it 5 years at most until it becomes irrelevant and worthless. Meanwhile some will make fortunes and others will lose fortunes.

Cue the - votes from the crypto fanboy cultists... :)

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Investment my a##

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This was a awesome time for me! Bitcoin literally made me so much wealth! I had 25 bitcoin amd sold them off when they were at 57k USD a coin. Cashed out, paid my taxes and could not be happier. Meanwhile poor souls here have to work like a slave just to make their ¥40 million a year.

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Give it 5 years at most until it becomes irrelevant and worthless. 

That’s what I have heard a few years back. It went down, but with the covid up again.

See you in five years, but cryptos will remain.

Digital assets will develop

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For an asset class

That is funny. Can you take your bitcoins with you to the next life?

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Cryptocurrency is here to stay and is becoming more mainstream by the day. Hedge fund managers are getting in the game knowing it's next level investing.Yes it's speculation,but isn't the stock market as well? Only use money you can afford to lose is the name of the game. Not everyone has the gumption to partake,so bash it instead to feel better about themselves.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

I am glad I sold my Bit Coin at 54k no need to be greedy and playing the markets. I'm good!

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Haven't touched my BC.

Mined some for about a month over a decade ago just to do it. Only have a few. Never planned any real income/money from the BC. It isn't an investment - more like the tulip bubble. Since it costs me less than $20 to make, I don't see many downsides to holding for 20-40 more years.

Don't need the tax hassles.

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I prefer hard commodities for speculation!

The commodity slice of my investment portfolio is up 20% this past year.

Speculating in something that can be influenced that much but what Mr. Musk tweets or says, or by what the Chinese Commie Party decrees, is just not attractive to me and I’m not a gambler.

Bitcoin will likely end up like the yahoo search engine or the MySpace sns did, at best, in my estimation.

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but isn't the stock market as well

Nope. CocaCola actually produces something of value that people are in real demand of, not just flipping it to the next speculator.

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CocaCola actually produces something of value...

Oh you mean that sugary water fluid? A real benefit.There are companies like XRP and XLM that do international money transfers in seconds that you would appreciate,than the laborious way many people are doing now.

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Yeah, I am more inclined to be interested in services built with DLT than these digital “assets”.

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