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Amazon aims to bring one-day delivery to Prime members around the globe

By Jeffrey Dastin and Arjun Panchadar

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Considering prime in Japan is same day and standard is next day I kind of hope they don't bring this to Japan. Perhaps the rest of the world could learn something.

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I usually order about ¥20-¥50,000 a month from Amazon but only ever use standard delivery which often arrives the next day anyway. Prime isn't necessary. Also the delivery guys don't just drop off the boxes at the door and will a note when you are not at home.

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Coming next - steady incremental increases in the cost of a Prime subscription.

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The real market is in delivery boxes that can take amazon deliveries near enough by your home

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I buy quite a lot through Amazon. Perhaps ¥20,000-¥30,000 per month. Having Prime membership saves me at least ¥3,000-¥4,000 per month in delivery fees. And, it is delivered within 18-24 hours.

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Most of what I buy is free shipping. I also buy from Rakuten.

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I want to buy eggs from Amazon...just to see if it comes unbroken.

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What kind of hell in earth will the factory workers and contract delivery folks live in if 1-day delivery becomes standard?

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