Apple changes Japanese iPhone contracts after antitrust probe


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This is something which is happening around the world, less subsidies on the phones themselves.

Well, doesn't matter to me if they lower their prices. Before you would finally pay off a phone but then the "discounts" would end and then you'd still be paying the same price and you had to get a new phone or lose the opportunity cost. If you can just finally pay a lower bill once the phone is paid off then this is better for the consumer.

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Just pay cash for the phone up front and then you don't get ripped off by these contracts.

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Why pay for an overpriced phone from a carrier when you can buy your phone directly without any ties. There are now over a dozen MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) to choose from in Japan. They provide the same service for about half the price and you can switch anytime. I made the switch when I found out that after my phone was paid off, my monthly bill didn't change. It was with Softbank but they all operate the same way. When you buy an unlocked phone, it has a much higher resale value. You can easily get 50% of your original purchase price.

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Buy sim free iphone spot cash and just connect it to any kakuyasu sim suited to you like uqmobile, iijmio, ymobile etc.

Or buy it cash via credit card and just pay it through your credit card and connect it to any kakuyasusim. still worth than paying expensive contracts from any of these 3 big tele companies.

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SIM free phones only work out cheaper if you mostly use DATA and make few actual phone calls. We pay ¥4,500 for unlimited calls and 1GB of DATA.

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I bought my iphone from Apple store. I use a cheap under ¥2,000 / service. All WiFi. I got myself a Skype number. ¥2,000 / year + usage. Cheap.

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