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Hong Kong fund to provide up to $180 mil aid to struggling Japan Display


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That's embarrassing

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Companies that can not compete in price competition with other companies are difficult to survive. It shows the stock price.

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So Japan Display becomes a Chinese Company and falls foul of US - China relations ?

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A lot of times I see someone holding an iphone its got a cracked screen. Surprised Apple didnt change earlier. Would be going bankrupt if they sold a superior product. Bit odd China money going after it.

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It has been treated as a cutting edge technology company, but this company becomes a normal company. To be honest, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry was also busy handling this company. Hong Kong (China) acquired an OLED panel manufacturing company. That's all.

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Is this HK's money or China's money? I hope Japan Inc think hard on this. It's embarrassing thinking that they've been lending money and/or giving out aids, China included, and now this?! The company was formed through a deal brokered by the government, most probably received tons of stimuli funded by the poepel's taxes, and then gets mismanaged by its highly-paid CEOs?!

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