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Photo taken by a demonstration satellite shows rocket debris floating in space. Image: Photo courtesy of Astroscale Japan Inc

Japan startup reveals close-up image of space debris image


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@desert tortoise don't forget get all of the other countries sending up satellites in to orbit

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Where do Japanese get the pie in the sky ideas,it cost one thousand dollars per pounds launch of any rocket and create more junk in space,are they thinking about a space garbage truck

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Meanwhile Elon Musk keeps cluttering space with scores of new Starlink satellites ......................

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I've seen this movie before, with Sandra Bullock and Dick Clooney (aka George). Of course the film is Sci-Fi, but isn't a far stretch from reality.

Yes, there is absolutely too much junk in orbit, some of which reenters and most of which burns up on reentry, but in-orbit collisions are becoming increasingly more likely.

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……….it will be traveling thousands of kilometers per second.

For an object that’s well on the pay to approaching the speed of light, they’ve done an exceedingly good job of making it appear stationary.

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If it falls, it will burn up.

If it doesn't burn up completely, it will land in the ocean.

If it doesn't land in the ocean, it will land somewhere uninhabited.

If it lands somewhere inhabited, it won't hit anyone.

If it hits someone, the people who sent it up there won't take responsibility.

If there is valuable materials in the wreck tho, government peeps will be there to "save the public from harm".

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Yeah that looks safe

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That's great but uh, it needs to be dealt with. It's not going to decay into soil and even if it did, it will be traveling thousands of kilometers per second.

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The debris -- the second-stage section of Japan's H2A rocket launched in 2009

How is it that humans pollute every environment?

It’s unconscionable!

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