Japan tells U.S. of plan to offer robots for denuclearizing N Korea


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Japan’s assistance is unnecessary since Kim Jung Un’s objective is to freeze program and keep his 50 or so nuclear warheads, not to dismantle it.

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This is good news, Japan will always have something to offer because it's a great, technologically advance country. Gonna have to live with it.

We will also meet with North... I know how much that bothers you. All S. Koreans are bothered when Japan has a relation with North. They want Japan to stay out of it. Moon said it himself in the liberation speech.

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Japan should seize the opportunity to settle historical problem and economic compensation all together. This will also remove the source of dispute with SK. At some point, Japan will have to make the decision, the sooner the better.

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Japan is getting ahead of itself here. Denuclearization is a long way off.

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Japan is getting ahead of itself here. Denuclearization is a long way off.

I'm afraid I agree and don't expect to see it in my lifetime.

But the offer is a great offer for all concerned.

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We have seen how effectively they have denuclearized Fukushima

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Japanese robots can't denuclearize Fukushima. The US would be smart to pass on that assistance!

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The only Robots needed to "deNuclearize" North Korea are the T-2/T-1000 models from the Terminator Movies... anything less would rank less than this fantasizing.

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Japan is going to have to lead the way on this issue. Look at the pictures of the American Antichrist on every article on US affairs here. Do ya expect the USA to lead in denuclearization, or anything with that Caligula megalomaniac at the reigns? God help us!

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