Japanese rocket positions 2 satellites in different orbits


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There's a lot more to see and of which to capture hi-res photos from a low-orbit satellite than natural disasters and their aftermath. JAXA took the lead in the realm of spy satellites, if Tsubame can stay up there, at only 180-300 kilometers. Hope the camera's a good one!

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TrevorPeace. As well as the N. Korea nuclear weapon test. Military movement, ICBM and Missiles locations.

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There was a rocket visible from Southern California, see:

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Congrats to JAXA. These are two significant satellites. Shikisai is to collect new data for environmental issues, aiming to increase accuracy of predictions for years to come. And Tsubame is to test technologies to overcome the huge atmospheric drag faced by satellites travelling in lower orbit.

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If the launch happens at night, ya can watch some beautiful scenes like

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