Japanese startup's launch of compact rocket fails


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This is not Space X America is it?

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Better luck in the future. I hope they can try again.

Space is not easy.

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Try and try again

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Oh well, don’t worry, SpaceX still build the best fireworks I have ever seen. Boom. And they are still going.

To say “it flew perfectly part of the way” is like claiming the Titanic had a successful cruise part of the way!

To be honest the small launcher market is starting to become crowded. Lots of predictions (pre pandemic) of what a huge market this will eventually grow in to but even before the economic impact of the Wuhan virus there were a lot of companies aiming for what currently is a small market, only the successful companies with adequate funding will survive. Doesn’t bode well for a company so beset with misfortunes.

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Clean up the debris and determine what went wrong.

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This is not Space X America is it?

Uh... pretty sure Space X had some spectacular failures!

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Failure is part of getting to space. Happens to everyone from time to time. it is an unfortunate part of learning when volatile parts are included.

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Horie is a special kind of guy. Simular to SpaceX's founder Elon Musk, he has his controversies and a whole bunch of disbelievers but he still fights on! great work.

Japan needs more private entrepreneurial type people who are willing to take big risks to achieve big things. Not sure his thinking of the future, but when it comes to space, competition reduces price so I really hope Horie successfully achieves his dream and makes a viable space company.

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Horie is a special kind of guy. Simular to SpaceX's founder Elon Musk, he has his controversies and a whole bunch of disbelievers but he still fights on! great work.

I admire him. He was the only serial entrepreneur who stood up against the Japanese bureaucracy with Murakami. He interviewed with Carlos Ghosn not too long ago, and he completely agreed with Ghosn on the corrupt nature of Japanese systems. He even claimed that Japan is more Communist than China because the oyajis refuse to allow private individuals and enterprises to succeed.

In response to his last statement, I think he is true but just missing one detail. The oyajis are burdensome towards the Japanese entrepreneurship but highly accommodating towards foreign investments. They actively collaborate with the foreign investors for personal gains not the national gains. Encouraging native entrepreneurship and private enterprises in Japan will not make these oyajis rich. Better off selling beautiful Japanese assets and rights to foreign, "white experts" who know how to handle them better than Japanese - Taro Aso often described it.

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@Xeno Man - I'd agree with your statement, right up to the last Skin colour focused sentence. Had you replaced it with "Globally focused experts", rather than the insular facing/Isolationists that are more commonly associated with the Japanese Right Wingers - then I'd agree with you - since the latter, is Japan's ongoing problem.

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Better luck next time. Space exploration goes in baby steps, and stepXstep progress is made.

Remember Laika, who died. Then Ham, who came back alive. Then Yuri Gagarin, and so forth.

Keep on striving.

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