Japan unveils strategy for domestic production of advanced chips


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Made in Japan chip? Does made in Japan quality these days still same like before?

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A pretty good and obvious thing to do.

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Wow, 77 bln., and with all that thrown away money you can’t even eat one of those chips.

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Made in Japan chip? Does made in Japan quality these days still same like before?

No, it is much better than before.

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Yikes, Japan really got out of the chips business. Your recent iPhone or Mac uses 5 nm chips manufactured in Taiwan.

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And will 90% of the profits from this endeavor be returned to the public purse I wonder?

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Yet another disaster...

They would take ages to agree on common "work culture" with different companies having their unique agenda

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Ganbare with that...

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Nooo... Softbank will leak the technology to china!

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About 10 years late.

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Japan needs to pass anti-spy law as soon as possible. The US will keep an eye on this joint venture if any expertise leaks to China Sony and Toyota will be in trouble with Uncle Sam.

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deanzaZZRToday  10:01 am JST

Yikes, Japan really got out of the chips business. Your recent iPhone or Mac uses 5 nm chips manufactured in Taiwan.

Taiwan, China, South Kore just make testing and packaging.

The raw materials, machinery and processing technology still come from Europe, the United States and Japan.

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Another strategy. How many has Kishida and co come up with again? How many have been successful?

All you need to know.

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Got excited, thought finally we were getting Salt N Vinegar in Japan

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$500M is a micro-investment in the chip industry. Nothing is going to happen and that money will magically disappear.

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This is a futile attempt.

It costs $15~20 billion to build a single advanced node fab nowadays, $494 million Japanese government subsidy is a drop in the bucket.

Worse, only single company has managed to mass produced a 3nm chip to date, Samsung, with the TSMC's own 3nm production being keep pushed back because 3nm is too hard even for TSMC.

3nm is considered the sonic barrier because a weird quantum mechanics effect called quantum tunneling start taking place where electrons can be both front and back of a 3nm wide transistor gate, causing current leakage. This is why TSMC scrapped its 1st gen 3nm process and is going back to drawing for the 2nd gen 3nm process, which is technically a 3.5nm process in order to stop the quantum tunneling effect.

How Samsung managed to stop quantum tunneling effect and became the only company able to fab 3nm chips is a secret sauce.

TSMC delays production of 3nm chips as Samsung Foundry takes process leadership

TSMC abandoned the first-generation 3nm process for the development of N3E

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my question is who would be willing to buy them?

They are unlikely to be cheap which is why the current market leaders are so far ahead of anyone else. Also, and I hate to say it, would these chip firms be willing to do what it takes in RnD to keep up and stay ahead of the technology curve in this industry. Japan has a tendency to get complacent and try to keep going with the oldest stuff for as long as possible with the higher price wondering why no one buys.

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They should also focus on catching & executing china-nese spies who will undoubtedly try to steal the chip tech from Japan.

Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, beef up your cybersecurity to prevent IP theft of that chip technology.

Hire Ukrainians hackers & cyber-security experts if you have too.

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If Taiwan is attaked by China, there will be a serious world-wide disruption for chip supplies. The plan for domestic productions is a sensible decision.

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