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G7 sets out guiding principles for AI developers to address risks


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Among the risks that warrant attention, the G7 pointed to chemical, biological and nuclear risks, cautioning that advanced AI systems can "lower barriers to entry, including for nonstate actors, for weapons development, design acquisition, or use," as well as facilitation of disinformation and threats to privacy.

This is a major concern. I hope that no chemical, nuclear and biological facilities are connected to the World Wide Web as this would be the proverbial tunnel-under-the-fence.

Responsibility to AI proof complex and sensitive systems is everyone's responsibility, not just AI developers.

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""" The documents aim to "promote safe, secure, and trustworthy AI worldwide," the G7 said, noting that developers, should make sure that the technology is not deployed in a way that undermines democratic values, facilitates terrorism or poses "substantial risks" to human rights. """

Watchin our world these days it seems as if MOST if NOT ALL Democratic Values have been thrown in a DARK and FILTHY trash bin.

Hell is VACANT now, Devils and Demons have returned to earth to join us in our journey of self destruct.

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As this year's chair of G7, Japan will "continue to work for international rulemaking of generative AI," Prime Minister Fumio Kishida posted on X.

Kishida uselessly interjecting the monomaniacal obsession with rules into the conversation. It has worked out for Japan's development so far right?

The impact of LLM on capital accumulation and labor displacement will be the last to be addressed by the LDP surely.

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AI safety is going to be a trial and error and somewhat subjective process. We are already fighting wars using drones, so there's a place where I expect principles of "safety" will be violated.

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As usual they only publish the pretext but: The only reason this came out is to protect the hudreds of trillions emerging market interest for the leading players today and block new entry competition in bureaucracy thereby enrich themselves by further orders of magnitude along which comes orders of magnitude greater powers and control over society, meanwhile military AI progresses with the gaspedal jammed thru the floor.

Because Gates cares so much anout YOUR safety and HIS version of AI is right for YOU? I wonder WHY I can't log onto my openai page anymore without giving Bill my phone number? I'm sure it's for my SAFETY not his agenda advancement.

Fortunately for those who know more than newslines opensource AI is available to find --if you look hard enough.

IF we survive the impending AI paradigm shift and thrive beyond any SCIFI or the pinnacle of anybody's imagination it is going to be DESPITE topdown government regulations, commercial and military AI and the direct triumph of opensource AGI.

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Show me the money and I will show you toothless regulatory bodies with no power to regulate!

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They simply make thar technology obsolete and useless, if AI is restricted and intentionally biased such, that it is only allowed to give wanted and preset results. If they only want and accept their own wished results they can use pen and paper already.

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The founders of an AI startup say their new AI has a 25% chance or destroying civilization.

Google said they're in for $2 billion.

And I'm not kidding.

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Japan's Blind trust in absurd technologies such as Robots and AI is dangerous.This technology should be heavily regulated world wide to uses in only in space, advances in medicine, solving environmental problems, and working in places where humans cannot survive. Thats it, limiting its uses in the safest possibly way.

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G7's AI principles signal a crucial commitment to responsible tech development, prioritizing ethical considerations and risk mitigation. A step forward in ensuring AI serves society responsibly.

Thankyou for the information.

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