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U.S. aims to stay ahead of China in using AI to fly fighter jets, navigate without GPS and more


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Keep dreaming..

Chinese technology is advancing at a faster rate than the U.S..

Specially AI..


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TokyoLivingToday 08:28 am JST

Chinese technology is advancing at a faster rate than the U.S..

> Specially AI..

Chinese AI will never advance beyond the free world's because it must adhere to Xi Jinping Thought. When all the answers you get are censored to suit the whims of the Emperor, knowledge cannot advance.


And that's assuming you're not banned outright for mentioning Winnie the Pooh.


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Chinese technology is advancing at a faster rate than the U.S..

Specially AI..

Can't even compete with Chat-GPT, and that's such a low bar, Lol

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@TokyoLiving I agree, but that CRAP doesn't work poorly designed and made!! The ships they make are so far behind, the aircraft lol pull high g-loads and the crap fall apart, you don't read about that but it happens. The ships the metal they used well we all in the know are laughing it looks good but can't take the rough seas very sinkable! Laugh now sigh later! No need to dream that is what China is doing. Loose lips sinks ships to you really think the US will tell you everything China is still playing catch up! Keep stealing, Copying and Pasting that the logic. We build it you try to steal it!

Keep dreaming.. Chinese technology is advancing at a faster rate than the U.S.. Specially AI..


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I wonder what Frank Kendall's g-tolerance is, lol. He's older than I am and is a former Army officer, not a former pilot. I had some high-g rides early in my military career and that sort of thing is for the physically fit. Even though I was young and fit by 5 gs I was getting tunnel vision and by 6 I was pretty much out of it. I tossed my cookies a lot too. One has to wonder if old Frank Kendall suffered GLOC, G induced Loss Of Consciousness in the back seat, and if he tossed his cookies. The press release only showed the before pictures. He was probably as green as Shrek and sweat soaked by the end of the ride. Laughing with him, not at him. No way I'm strapping my fat arse into a fighter jet at my age.

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The second photo is land I recognize and love, the Mojave Desert. You see two sets of snow capped mountains off in the distance with a deep saddle between them. The mountains to the left are the San Bernardino Mtns (Arrowhead, Big Bear) =and to the right of the saddle are the San Gabriel Mtns. The saddle is actually Cajon Pass that winds between the two mountain ranges. On the other side of those mountains lies the LA Basin and "Inland Empire" (San Bernardino, Fontana aka Fontucky, Cucamonga aka Cockroachamonga, Ontario, Riverside) I'll take the open desert over Smell-A thank you very much.

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The USAF has been using computer controlled dog fighting for over a decade in simulators. They've flown against humans and against different AI models in different aircraft. Moving them into actual aircraft wasn't a big step. Remotely piloted aircraft were planned in the late 1970s by the USAF. Whether the pilot was a human or a computer wasn't really a consideration. It was assumed that either would work.

Not using GPS has been a military navigation requirement for at least 20 yrs. Sure, GPS is easier and gets faster answers, provided it works and isn't been spoofed. That can never be assumed during war, which means other navigation methods have to work when GPS cannot be trusted. The US military trains that way.

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